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"While I was looking for someone to digitize my embroidery designs, I ran across a lot of ads from software marketers that said I didn't need to do that. All I had to do instead was buy their program. I didn't believe it, and neither should you. There are lots of different ways to stitch out any particular design; there is no one-size-fits-all formula to figure out what's best. Ms. Hughes is right: learning the software is fast. But learning how to use it takes a lot of time, and a good feel for the work. Her twenty years in the field and an awesome eye make her a great choice. You won't regret asking for her help."     - James Lewontin


"Dixie Designs has done outstanding work for our Law Enforcement based embroidery business. The attention to detail, accuracy and fast turnaround has far exceeded other Digitizing services that we had previously used. We would strongly recommend using Dixie Designs."     -Teresa Riley. Embroidery Ops. Mgr.Adamson Police Products. 


Just a quick note to tell you your work is awesome and will most definitely be sending more work your way. Hopefully not on such short notice. They are stitching out nicely and really can see the detail and I just love they way they look. Sure wish I had found you earlier when I had to use another company and it took over 11 trys to get it somewhat right. Was really frustrated with them and having to keep stitching it out only to find issues. Wasted so much thread and ruined a shirt in the process.  Again Thank you! Your work ROCKS!!!


"I wanted to mention how grateful I am for your quality work.  My customers have praised me highly thanks to you!!!  Thank you for making me look so good!  Without your work I wouldn't have any!!!!"     -Cindy Dumas


OMG... Dana the design is great! I just stitched it out and it looks amazing!  Thank You for the "sample" and for getting right on this for us! I am putting the first shirt on right now... only 149 to go!


"C&C Embroidery has been working with Dixie Designs since 2000, and over that time we have developed a very good relationship.  Their digitizing continues to be "Top Shelf" each and every time.  Customers and Clients both express their appreciation for their embroidered goods.  We know full well our work is only as good as our digitizer, Dixie Designs."     -Ken Hasselbrack, Owner, C&C Embroidery


"Thank you for the quick turnaround! It looks great! Any digitizing business we can throw your way, we won't hesitate to recommend you."     -Alan Vickery


"You did a wonderful job.  I embroidered it out and showed  a couple of officers and they were WELL pleased.  Looks like I am going to be real busy.  I'm sure I will be using your services again and will highly recommend you."     -Joann Little


"We used all of the design sizes and they worked out beautifully! Thank you so much for the great work!  I will definitely be contacting you again for more help! Thanks again!"     -Donna Francis


Dana, I just have to say thank you so much for creating such a wonderful design!  It stitched out beautifully, and my customer couldn't be happier.  :)  Thank you so very much.



I have stitched it out and it looks great. I will show it to my sister this weekend. I sure wish I could learn to digitize like that!!!I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the shirts I’ve been doing.  The people that have gotten their shirts embroidered so far LOVE them!  You did a great job with the digitizing!


WOW! Do all of your designs come out that good?!  Just one design, but if this is what I get back, WOWZERS!  Seriously, very nice. I think we finally found a digitizer (many $’s too late). 

Thank you. We really appreciate your detailed and perfect work. You're wonderful!


Again thanks you are the best...everyone brags about your designs....we joke and say thanks they are dana originals lol....This is beautiful sewn out.  Great job!


Dana, just wanted to let you know that the Morning After design was loved by everyone .. Enough that they decided to give us another shirt contract for their convention!  Kudos to your artistic sense and digitizing magic.. You have made us look as fantastic as we feel that we are!


The customer just picked up his embroidery and was thrilled at how the job looked.  He was amazed at how you did the BAJA to where it looked like the crayon drawing of a child.  He described them as "perfect".  Just wanted to share this with you.  Thanks for making us look good.

Just finished sewing out the nailed it!  Thanks so much.


Tamms loved the design you did.  You did GOOD.  She has been showing it to officers and they all love it, even better than their previous design.  I'm sure I will be contacting you at another time.


I'm sorry I can only get the words WOW out... That looks absolutely amazing! Our team is gonna love it, I know! Thank you so much! 



Kudzu stitched like a dream.  They loved it...5 patches jumped to 50~  THANKS



I ran it and it is absolutely beautiful.  I will keep you in mind when I need another one.  Thanks againYour the best..



Thanks for your quick response and turn around of the file. I sewed it out on practice cloth and it sewed great and looks great. I'm taking it to my customer in about a half hour and I'm sure he will be delighted with the change.


They both stitchd out perfectly, as usual.  You really do a wonderful job.

You did a wonderful job.  I embroidered it out and showed  a couple of officers and they were WELL pleased.  Looks like I am going to be real busy.  I'm sure I will be using your services again and will highly recommend you.

Looks great and sewed out great my customer loved them. Thanks for doing this for us. We will definitely be using you again. 


Thanks, Dana, the dog design looks great!  Here is my customer's input in case you keep this kind of stuff:  "Oh, yes!!!  It's beautiful!!!  It's amazing how some stitches can capture her joy and mischeviousness!!"


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