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"XXX" are outsourcing 80 designs per day. their website would say its all made in america.

This is just to open up your mind about the future. It won't be long until you will be forced out of business if you do not join team with digitizers from the other side of the world. They are equally capable of providing quality services.

I will let you think on this for now. If this is something you are willing to accept then we can talk more.

I am not here to advertise my service. I am here to build a team with someone who can market and sell the final product. I have the right people to digitize and trust me these guys have digitized for embroidme outlets, champion, unifirst so they are well experienced. I am actually looking to teamup with a digitizer who also can check on quality and maintain it always.

We have had bad reviews about customer service yes I agree....but you will not find one bad review about our quality. As for customer service I can explain why the issues happened. We are very straight forward. If you do not have time to place your order correctly mentioning your instructions clearly and then once the design is ready, you come back to us and ask for a free edit, you cannot expect me to do it for free. This is what some customers think is bad customer service. Its pathetic. I do not suck up to customers...maybe thats a wrong way to do business but at the same time I have customers who insist on paying for edits and I will refuse just because they dont expect me to do it for free. Its all about working as a team and not squeezing your supplier for every penny.

Anyway let us know if you're interested. At the mo we are doing 25 logo daily and ur capacity can double that."

Shopping for a new digitizer and want one close to home?  MANY sites say they're "USA Based", or "All work done in USA" and its not true....including some of the top "digitizing houses" in the US.  Your "digitizer" could be farming out your design to a company half way across the world, done for pennies on the dollar, and your "digitizer" is making their money by marking up the design.  There is nothing wrong with sending a design overseas, but I believe honesty is an integral part of any successful business.  I also believe that dealing directly with your true digitizer has many advantages including direct communication about the design, the deadline, advice on what will work and what will not, and any edits that need done can be done much faster.  Someone that is farming out designs may not even understand the digitizing process.  


I recently received the message below.  They slammed one "digitizer" for their false claim that all their work is "made in america"...but they're doing the same thing.

My Response:  

not now, or ever in the future, will i be open to the idea of farming out designs and its insulting that you've asked.

my business is doing fine and it has been for the 20 years i've been digitizing.  probably because i take PRIDE in what i do...both the quality of the designs i put out AND the customer service i provide.  not one customer in 20 years would have a single service complaint.  i must be doing something right, because i have some of the same customers that i had 20 years ago in 1996.

this is not, or at least SHOULD not be, a conveyor-belt business.  i've read the complaints about your work.  not just the customer service issues, but also the bad designs you are reselling.  do you digitize at all? maybe your problem isn't your "pathetic" customers...maybe it's that you don't ask the right questions.  maybe you don't know the right questions to ask?   why would you take the time to do so?  you're just interested in the quick buck.  customer service is just as important as a great product.

keep on ripping off your customers.  once they figure out that its not worth dealing with your cheap designs and even worse attitude, they come looking for me....and they come to stay. 

My Story:

In 1979, my mother started a commercial embroidery business, and after being frustrated with bad, overpriced digitizers she "recruited" me into digitizing in 1996.  I had a background in computer graphics, so  I thought digitizing would be a natural fit.  


In the beginning, with the help of my mother telling me I was doing it wrong (ask her about the design SP if you see her!), I realized that working with thread was nothing like working with graphics and there was a lot more to learn than I thought!  Learning the software was easy.  Learning what would look good in stitches, and how to path a design to make it sew efficiently was a different animal.  After months of full-time trial and error and error and error, and stitching out countless designs I started to get the hang of it.  

We opened several embroidery shops together in downtown Knoxville. She was the full-time embroiderer, I was the full-time digitizer.  We decided to become home-based when my father fell ill.  She retired in 2005 so I've been solo ever since.


I understand what you're looking for in a digitizer.  Designs that look great and run efficiently, done by a digitizer who knows embroidery but still focuses on customer service.  I love my job and am dedicated to helping you make yours a success as well.  I've worked into the night, while on vacation, from a motorhome, and even the trauma lounge at UT Hospital.  I'll be here when you need me!


After 20 years, and over 24,000 designs I have learned what will work in stitches, and what will not. I will never use auto-digitizing features that leave a design looking flat and lifeless, and I vow to do every design myself and never take short cuts.   I take pride in making every design the best it can be.  







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