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NO shortcuts, NO auto-digitizing, NO outsourcing.

Just old-school, from-scratch digitizing

Specializing in getting it right the first time.


If I can't make a design you love, its free.  


I've been a full-time digitizer since 1996 and have personally created over 35,000 designs.  I know how to make a design look great and stitch efficiently.  I make every effort to give the design character and depth and make every effort to get as close as possible to the original artwork.  I even digitize most lettering from scratch.  No auto lettering, no short cuts!

commercial embroidery digitizer

Email for a free quote:


Pensacola, Florida



Its just as important as a great design!  I offer FREE resizing and FREE minor edits, even if your customer has changed their mind after digitizing has been completed.


I'm easy to reach by phone and email and I offer flexible billing options.  


Fast.  Need a design the same day?  I'm happy to help, and there's never a rush fee.



Have questions on whether your logo would embroider well?  I'm happy to offer a free consultation.


Theirs                    Mine

Quoted Price Guarantee.  I have always charged by complexity, not stitch count, so you know up-front what the digitizing charge will be.  There is no worry of shorter stitch lengths, tighter density or too much underlay to pad the stitch count to increase the price.

Even the best embroiderer can't make a badly digitized design look good.  Your reputation depends on quality digitizing.

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